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Essays by Andrea Hurley and Judy Fox on the experience of "when the table turns." Philosophical and heart felt reflections on caring for our elderly moms.

Judy and AndreaInside each and everyone of us is a calling. When we listen and respond, that calling can guide us in our life's journey. If you're like me, sometimes in life you listen. Other times not. Truth is, when I listen and respond—which can take enormous courage—I am swept into a dimension of life where everything is unknown, and yet makes perfect sense. It is a paradox. On those times when I have not had the courage or willingness of heart to listen and respond, it is like I flatten to two dimensions and the richness of my life diminishes. There is a great mystery that lies within each of us, ready to unfold at any moment, if we allow it.

This blog site is a response to a calling to do with my aging mother. It runs like a current through my veins. We live in a culture where our seniors are all too often not valued for who they are. They are left undiscovered in their final and precious years. One day we will all be in these same shoes—unless...

As the veil of survival gets thin in the life of my aging mother, treasures of the heart appear. Treasures I never knew existed. The purpose of this blog site is to find words to express those treasures.

I know there are many fellow boomer generation folks out there experiencing the table turning as well. Judy, my dear friend of 25 years, is one of them. She has become my writing companion on this journey. We're in this together, sharing our stories, opening to new perspectives, growing our own hearts and the hearts of our mothers. We want to share this with as many of you who are on this journey also—those who are full to the brim with every emotion possible. It is not an easy path, and so many of us often feel very alone... But we're not alone, not completely anyway. And that is the spirit behind this blog, our writing and our caregiver's circles.

~ Andrea