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the breakfast ritual

by Judy
December 30, 2012 

I continually delight in watching my mother eat her breakfast every morning. First one has to understand that this was a woman who did everything quickly and ate faster than anyone I have ever known- even faster than my brother. She ate with a ferocious quality like she had not eaten for days. She particularly loved bread. She still loves bread and especially bagels but now when she eats her eyes are often closed and she takes one bite at a time and chews very slowly, extremely slowly. Except for her mouth moving, she hardly moves. Although I have no delusion that she has become a “Buddha,” still, from the outside, she looks like she is in deep meditation. She savors every bite and then reaches ever so slowly for her morning decaf black coffee. She doesn’t talk. Her face is quiet and content.  It doesn’t last long, but during that short time in the morning, she is at one; at one with chewing, drinking and nothing else. As I watch her “perform” this morning ritual, I sense what a different world she is in.

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