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the care instinct

the care instinct

By Andrea
September 3, 2013

Last week I received a call from the Assisted Living community where my mother now lives. The nurse began, “Your mother is fine, but...”

Reassured by these first few words, what followed still evoked one of my primal fears. Yes, another fall. 

Nobody knows how it happened, only that my mother was on the floor in the morning when her aid came in to assist with her morning shower. We don’t know how long she was there, as she could not get up on her own—and she did not remember what happened. Taking no chances, the on-site nurse called me right away, then had her sent to the ER. I jumped in my car and met my mother and one of my sisters at the hospital. Within the next 24 hours, all of the x-rays and tests came back perfectly normal. In fact, while looking at the test results, one of the nurses pulled me aside and said that my mother was the healthiest 95 year old she has ever met. 

We were lucky once again (see no more falling) but this incident got me thinking about the seriousness of an elderly person falling. Not only the fall itself, but the inability to get up after a fall. 

I was recently invited to write as a guest blogger for the Caregiver's Voice. My article—on this very topic—was just published this morning:)

The Care Instinct"When someone gets to 95 years old, many usual tasks become difficult or even impossible to do. One of them is getting up after a fall.

The implications can be stark, even life threatening. I’ve learned through a few terrifying experiences with my 95-year old mother, that falling is a matter never to be taken lightly, no matter how harmless it may appear. As a non-elderly person, this is something I (and probably most of us) take for granted. We fall. We get up. Easy. However, this is one area of life where our elderly friends and loved ones are very vulnerable. It is an area of life where the rest of us are needed to respond as if it is life or death—because often it is..."

Read the whole article here



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