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when did the table start to turn?

by Judy
October 24, 2012 

The title of this blog is “when the table turns” and really the table started to turn quite a while ago. There are subtle and then not so subtle changes that have been happening over quite some time. Life is about change and yet we don’t always fully acknowledge that or live by that undeniable fact.

So when did the table start to turn? When did my strong, ever independent mother who late into her early nineties still insisted on doing all or most of the driving when I was with her; who continued to cook not only for herself but at times for a sick neighbor and was always such a force - when did this start to change?  This woman with such a warm strong grip in her hand and on life...this woman who had survived after her husband died at the age of sixty-one and began to sculpt and travel and then when her son died at the age of forty, began to paint and continued to travel and was always full of enthusiasm, looking ahead to the next trip - when did this change? There was always a restless energy in my mom and the only time she really seemed to truly relax was when she was at the beach or painting. Otherwise it was this pushing, rushing forward; doing everything fast and then often collapsing at the end of the day from exhaustion. She was a force to reckon with: strong, practical and confident within her circles, the one who gave advice to others. She could be quite critical at times but always with a redeeming sense of humor and delight in what was coming next.


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